Alpha devlog

In the past week, we did the following:

  1. Brought back the quiz system, add tutorial guide on the quiz system and fixed some previous bugs on the quiz system, including:
    1. The way to choose (previously we used clicks, but there is only one mouse for two players)
    2. The question loading issue
    3. Rewording the panel text
  2. The quiz mechanism:
    1. if the player refuses to enter the quiz system, he will be chased by the monster with the new skill unlocked
    2. if the player enters the quiz, he will have to answer the question. 
      1. if he answers the question correctly, he can unlock new skill
      2. if he answers the question wrong, he will not unlock the new skill
  3.  Add start page(3, 2, 1, start) and end page which explains who wins the game. Tutorial end when both player finish the tutorial
  4. Navigation will show when player can’t reach next gate for a long time
  5. add new freeze skill that stop the opponent for a few time
  6. In tutorial monster can only move within five blocks
  7. Polishing tutorial UI which tells player to change skill
  8. Teaching teleport skill about what block can be passed and what cannot
  9. Tell user what happened with inventory (mana restore)
  10. Add small map instead of big map
  11. Health and Mana value become much larger than before, monster will cause more damage as player proceed to the end


Almost all of these changes are made from the play-testing advice last week. We also add the quiz system back to the game because we want to have all features completed in alpha deliverable.

Next, we plan to follow the playtesting advice to further polish our game.

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